Smudging & Cleansing
Cleansing can look very different from culture to culture. Some of the most common cleansing modalities include using the elements Earth, Air, Fire & Water. To cleanse with Earth many people bury the items in sand, soil, ash, clay, etc. Often when I travel I bury my stones in the sand at beaches where there may be residual spiritual energies. During my Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki retreat in Edisto Island, SC, we each buried ourselves in the sand near the shores where many Ancestors first arrived on this continent as slaves.


  • To literally cleanse in the Earth. Bury in soil, or direct Earth, clay, sand, salt, etc.

    • Salt banishes unwanted spirits or entities, good for consecrating spaces and tools.  

      • Himalayan Salt

      • Volcanic Salt

Cleansing with Fire or Air might look like incense, resin or herbs burning so that the smoke directly touches the items to be cleansed. This is often referred to as smudging, many people smudge with white sage, lavender, cedar, frankincense, myrrh, mugwort, juniper, rosemary, Palo Santo, etc. 


  • Smoke or fresh air

    • White Sage, Blue Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, etc.  

    • Frankincense

    • Myrrh

    • Dragon’s Blood

    • Copal

    • Wormwood, Lungwort


  • By fire, flame or heat

Cleansing with water might look like allowing the items to sit in a natural water or to have  natural water run over it, this doesn't work for all things as many things cannot get wet (some stones are toxic when wet, some dissolve so be sure you know what the best form of cleansing is for the specific item you wish to cleanse. Many people use Florida Water or Kananga water, as well as solar or lunar charged water (water that sat out during a solar or lunar event or period; ie. Full Moon, New Moon, Solar or Lunar Eclipse, meteor shower, conjecture, etc.


  • By water, fresh and running is best

    • Rain Water is good for fertility and abundance

    • Well water is good for fertility and abundance

    • Blessed/Holy water varies by tradition/belief system

    • Morning dew (collected off plants) healing and beauty

    • Spring water purification and protection

    • Sea water

    • Moon blessed water (with silver coin or ring inside during lunar or astronomical event)

    • Sun blessed water (with gold inside during solar or astronomical event)

There are many alternative methods for cleansing energies, this is not a complete list by far. Many folks use brooms or bird feathers to sweep away negativity, additionally prayer, mantras, or sound therapy with the use of drums, song bowls, wind chimes, or other instruments continue to be utilized as well. One might also reach out to "energy workers" who use many of the above mentioned techniques or others to "move" or "shift" energy, this can include practitioners of Reiki, those who do Chakra or Aura, Root or blockage work and many others.  Earthing, Steaming, herbal baths, sweat lodges and simple exposure to the elements are all cleansing modalities as well. 


Celestial Cleansing





New moon

Full Moon 








Cinnamon Brooms (hanging over doorway) - Brings good fortune in business and money matters, draws in luck and prosperity, multiplies earnings, signifies sweeping away negative energy or influences from all who enter.


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