Selenite – Enhances meditation, psychic abilities (including telepathy, clairvoyance and dream recall); can be used for crystal gazing. Good for the sex drive, the menstrual cycle, skin elasticity, the spine, reduces wrinkles, age spots and skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis) helps maintain a youthful appearance. Helps with loss of fertility, hair loss and epilepsy, alleviates the effects of leakage from mercury amalgam fillings, helps with conditions that are associated with free radicals like tumors and cancer. Associated with the moon selenite symbolizes both change and predictability, Associated with the Ikh arit (Sahasrara/Crown Chakra), Taurus astrological sign. Selenite promotes higher guidance and peace. Not toxic, may dissolve or break into thin shards (not recommended for Yoni work, caution recommended for use with tonics, oils, tinctures, essences, elixirs or internal spellcraft)

Selenite in small raw sticks or medium tumbled rounds