Amethyst Pillows

These handmade pillows are blessed and contain an Amethyst stone. Amethyst is associated with all aritu/chakras especially Ikh arit (Sahasrara/Crown chakra) and Mer arit (Anja/1st Eye chakra). Amethyst is soothing and relaxes the mind helping you feel less scattered and overwhelmed.  It helps to relieve tension headaches brought on by stress. Helps with insomnia, promotes dreams, helps with sleep disturbances. As Amethyst is associated with higher consciousness and dreaming it is often known to increase prophetic or lucid dreaming. 

 Hot/Cold Packs

Rice & Herb (or) Flaxseed & Herb Hot/Cold bag

Uses: To heat, microwave for 30-60 seconds or place on an oven-safe dish and warm. You can put a small cup of water (uncovered) in the microwave or oven while heating for a moist heat which can be beneficial for aches, cramps or muscle spasms. To freeze, put in Ziplock bag before freezing. Do not get wet or the rice will become soft and the bag will be ruined.

Benefits: Rice packs can be used hot or cold. Generally, one uses cold on acute injuries or recent injuries (occurring < 48 hrs) as it aides circulation and helps with pain relief to sore muscles and joints. Heat is used for chronic or recurring injuries (occurring or lasting > 48 hrs).

All Pillows and Hot/Cold Rice packs can be custom ordered with any fabrics that are in stock and your choice of herbs, oils and stone (if pillow).

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