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Asha Nia

Asha Nia came about because growing up I would love to spend time in "magick shoppes" and I always wondered why there was never a "New Age" store or Spiritual store in my neighborhoods. Additionally, as I expanded my practice, I found the local "Metaphysical" shoppes didn't carry the many of the items I was looking for especially when it came to items used in more traditional African spiritual systems. Most stores honored the Pagan and Wiccan, the Hindu and traditional Chinese, but forgot those modalities born of Africa and the diaspora. Thus began the journey to become a neighborhood one-stop shop, for all things holistically & spiritually healing. Welcome to

Sartteka am ab Nefer

Htp, ankh udja seneb, my name is Sartteka am ab Nefer and I am the creator of Asha Nia. I am a certified Reiki practitioner, yoga practitioner, herbalist and nutrition consultant. I am also a horticulturist and plant-based foodie! I am a gemstone junkie, collector of books and purveyor of all things regarding holistic healing and spiritual enlightenment. I hold a BA in Psychology, a MA in Women's Studies & an Adv. Certificate in LGBT Studies. I have extensive education and training in birth work, mind/body/spirit connection, sex/sexuality, reproductive justice, intimate partner violence & sexual assault, gardening & food justice, herbs & oils, nutrition and public health, Pedagogy & curriculum design.  

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